Recycled Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas trees will be blue without this ornaments, with your creativity, originality and imagination you can create a colorful, unique and beautiful recycled Christmas ornaments ready to hang on your Christmas trees. In this page you'll find a unique assortment of christmas tree ornament designs and mostly made up of soda can, bottle caps, computer circuit board and more. 

 Busted Christmas Bulb

Newspaper Strip

Soda Can and Glass Christmas Balls

Soda Can Stars

Computer Keyboard

Computer Memory

Compact Disc

Soda Can and Caps

Soda Can

Christmas Card

Printed Circuit Board

Paper Beads

Bottle Cap Snowman

Cardboard Folding

Bottle Caps

Toilet Paper Roll

Comics Page

Colored Magazine Pages

Bottle Caps

Busted Bulb

Soda Can and Buttons

Plastic Cups Wreath and Decor Tutorial

Plastic cups like dixie cups, party cups, soda cups etc. aren't just for drinking out of. You can keep those plastic cups after using and repurpose them into crafts, decoration, gifts, wreaths and more. Actually it's pretty easy to make a decor and wreath, just a little bit time consuming but worth the waiting. Try one!

Recycled Cardboard Furniture

Cardboard furniture is a furniture designed to be made from corrugated fiberboard, heavy paperboard, or fiber tubes. Recycling old pieces of cardboard into useful and practical home furnishings is an eco-friendly ways that will have your living a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. Cardboard furniture can be strong, beautiful, and eco-friendly to boot. These creative designs are here to offer an eco alternative to ordinary furnishings.

Sala Set

Stool & Table

Waiting Lounge Chair

Stool Bar

Center Table

Side Table

Cardboard Couch

Recycled Table

Cardboard Furniture Set

Innovative Cardboard Table

Radiolarian Cardboard Furniture

Baby Chair

Innovative Chair

Cardboard Couch

Cardboard Side Table

Simple Cardboard Chair

Recycling CD's Christmas Trees

This Christmas tree "garbage" that has been seen at Thapae Gate, the central square in Chiang Mai City, North Thailand and at the shopping district Mean streets of Bangkok are purely made from used CD's. A combination of works of art and creativity in using waste materials. It's a striking sight that fuses the traditional with the contemporary.

Thapae Gate

(Shopping District) 
Mean Streets of Bangkok

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