Recycled Christmas Card Baubles

When I was a kid, my parents had some store-bought baubles like this in a plain red. Recently I discovered a tutorial, so now you and I can make them in all colours of the rainbow :-)

Complete Tutorial Here!
How to Make Christmas Baubles

Another Paper Ball Christmas Ornament

3D Paper Star Wreath Tutorial

3D Paper Star Wreath Tutorial
(last minute christmas decorations)

Credits: LINK

Things to be Done to Have a Green Christmas Day

Buy Durable Decorations
Buy good quality decorations that can be reused year after year, means you can establish new traditions for your family and friends to enjoy in the years to come or make your own, often less expensive way to decorate your home.

Celebrate Recycling at Work
Check that your work Christmas party organiser sets up well-signed recycling options for the event. If possible avoid disposable cups and plates they're expensive and of great size of waste resources.

Feel Good Gifts
Give low impact gifts like organising experiences or practical, movie or show tickets, durable items that meet a need are good, memorable options. Adopting a kris kringle-style approach with your family and friends will allow you to focus all your energies and money on arranging an outstanding gift for just one other person.

Re-Wrap It Up
Use paper wrapping rather than foil or plastic wrappers, then reuse or recycle it.
Newspapers, comic strips and decorated brown paper bags work just as well as fancy paper.

Full Tummy Empty Bin
Prevent food wastage, only open what you need, serve smaller portions, store and use left-overs. Plan your festive feast so that leftovers can be eaten cold or are easy to re-heat the next day. Open packets of chips and crackers as you go, instead of all at once. This will keep them from getting soggy and prevent them from going to waste.

Recycle Right
Sort and recycle all your aluminium cans, juice, cartons, bottles and other packaging. As a general rule, plastic bags do not go in the recycling bin - they'll cause headaches at most recycling facilities. If you have a collection of old plastic shopping bags, simply recycle them at all major supermarkets.

Electrify Recycling
Recycle old mobile phones, TVs, computers or printer cartridges that get replaced. If you're giving an electrifying gift this Christmas, make sure whatever you're replacing is just as jolly, whether in a new home or at a recycling facility.
Many components and materials inside electronics can be re-used and recycled. If they're sent to landfill, these precious resources are lost and there can be a risk of heavy metal contamination in the soil and waterways.

Batteries Included
If you're giving a battery-powered gift, then remember to include rechargeable batteries and a recharger too, it'll save money and reduce the gift's impact. That way the Christmas cheer will continue throughout the year!

Love a Tree
Whether you're a fan of that genuine pine aroma or you prefer the utility of an artificial tree, you can keep your tree a little bit greener this Christmas. Live trees can have a second life as mulch or compost, while artificial trees can be reused for decades if properly cared for.

Make Room
You're not the only one that may feel stuffed after Christmas lunch and summer parties - often our recycling bins feel the strain too! Flatten aluminium cans, drink cartons and boxes to save space in your recycling bin, then store any excess until your next collection.

Drink organic wines and beverages and best yet drink tap water (FREE)

Recycled Christmas Decor Video Tutorials

Before you rush out to the department store for a holiday decor, think first and pay a visit to your storage room, garage and attic. You may find a waste items here to turn into a Christmas decor, no need to break your bank, use what you have, save on decor and go on frugal holiday. Just a simple strategies and a dash of creativity can go a long, long way when it comes to decorating. Try all these tutorials for a festive--yet frugal--home.




Wind Spinner Cans Christmas Ornaments

Give new life to your waste soda can and create your own homemade Christmas ornaments. Handmade ornaments also make great gifts. Creating homemade ornaments is also a great way to involve the whole family, it's always fun to mark the year with a Christmas ornament made by your creative (with cautious) kids. And this wind spinning Christmas ornaments is one of a kind to create.

How it's Done !

Elegant Looking Recycled Soda Can Tabs Gift for Christmas

Save yourself from shopping this year by simply doing a DIY project, perfect holiday gifts for every relatives and friend! Take a look at this elegant looking recycled soda can tabs that everyone’s wishing for this Christmas, Save your cash and spend some time crafting for this holiday season!

American actress Kristen Stewart wearing soda can tabs bracelet

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